Creating A Good Set List For Worship.

There are a few different ways to create a set list that will make the worship experience amazing. But the one I’m going to talk about today is a up front set list. This is when all the worship is in the beginning of the service.

1. You need to pick a good first song. A song that is up beat and preferably well known by the congregation. You want to draw people in, grab their attention and wake them up for service. Not confuse them or play a song they can’t engage with. Watch for the key changes and transitions.
2. For the second song, you don’t want to go straight into something slow. It’s an awkward transition and it doesn’t flow very well. So you want to stay up beat and relevant.
3. Now the third song is a key song because it is a good transition song. You don’t want to slow down worship too much, but you don’t want it to be to fast either. I’ll leave it up to you what type of song you’ll put here. But keep in mind your transitions
4. For the fourth song, you are going to want a song that is relevant to the sermon topic and can bring people to a place where they can meet God face to face.
5. And finally the fifth and sometimes the last song, depending on whether or not you have a sixth song, should be worshipful and joyful. A song that ends the worship experience on a high note or a transition to the sermon topic if the pastor decides to go straight into the sermon.

Well there you have it! This is a more traditional and probably the most common type of set list and is a good start to getting you on your way to making an amazing set list for your congregation. But please keep in mind the key changes and transitions of all the songs. They can make or break the a good set list. Have fun and keep worshiping!

Don’t Be Absalomic!

Back when David was the ruler of Jerusalem, he had a son named Absalom. When Absalom was older, people around him started to talk poorly about King David. Saying to Absalom “you can rule Jerusalem way better then David.” But instead of doing the right thing, Absalom decided to fall into the temptation of back stabbing his authority. And in doing so Absalom brought division among the people in Jerusalem.

That is why God tells us in Romans 13 that we need to submit to our leaders because they are God’s servants and have been placed there by God for our correction and guidance.

So ask yourself these questions; do you want to build strong character? Or do you want to become a great leader? Then submit to your authority. Otherwise, if you can’t learn to submit to authority, you will never learn the lessons that God is trying to teach you.

Absalom didn’t get it. He couldn’t learn to submit to the authority God placed over him and in the end it cost him his life. Don’t be like Absalom (Absalomic), submit and learn from the leadership God has given you. Accept strong teaching and good instruction, if you can learn to submit and accept constructive criticism then you will become the person that God has intended for you to be.